Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Month - No fill!!!

This blog was started on May 14th.  Sorry it's so late.

Another month without a fill.  How awesome is that?  Another 7 lbs gone this month!!!

Dr. Long’s scale 244.7 (70 lbs)

While Dr. Long’s scale reflects 70 lbs gone since I met him in January 2010.  From my heighest weight, I am 75 lbs gone.  I have hit my first goal - to lose more than I did at any time in my life.  I can’t really begin to explain how fantastic that feels.

This month has seen many changes.  Physical and emotional.   I really need to write more often because things are happening and changing so fast, I really don’t remember to capture everything.

 I continue to meet once a week with a wonderful counselor who is helping me with the emotional part of my journey.  To learn to like myself and give myself the credit I deserve for the hardwork and successes I have.  She had me take a personality test recently.  The results were very eye opening and pretty spot on to how I think and how I react to things.  One of the things it revealed is the constant need for affection and approval.  I am an approval whore and it’s one of the things I hate about myself.  I have to have constant feed back and never wait for people to give me genuine compliments which always mean more than the ones I have coaxed out of people because I had to say, see what I’ve done?  I’m really working on that.  If people ask what I’m doing, I tell them about the surgery.  I’m not ashamed that I needed the extra help.  So what if I did as long as it gets me to a healthy weight. 

Another thing I learned is that while I am a people person and love to be with people, I am a little on the shy side as well and need time to recharge my batteries because being around other people wears me out.  This would explain why I am enjoying living in my sister’s basement so much.  It’s quiet down here and I have lots of time to think and just be.  I can recharge my batteries and be ready for the next day. 

The other changes that have been happening are the physical changes.  OMG.  I have to figure out how to post my biggest loser pictures on here.  I have muscle tone now.  It’s so hard to believe that I was actually ticked off at the hotel in Memphis because their gym was inadequate.  Really? Since when did I give a hoot if there was only a treadmill?  I guess since I now have a personal trainer who kicks my butt twice a week.  Best investment I have ever made.  I never thought I would actually look forward to working out.  But I love it.  I am finally becoming the person I always wanted to be.

I have another fill appointment in two days, so I actually started this blog almost a month ago and am just now getting it posted.  I promise, I will write more after Wednesday’s appointment. 

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