Friday, November 21, 2014

1st surgery is in the history books

I survived having the band removed.  I have to say that the nurses at AAMC are really awesome.  Just the best. So compassionate and caring. 

I don't really feel different yet without the band.  Other than I have noticed that the nagging little pain I've had in my left side where my port was is no longer bugging me.  I guess that little pain wasn't my imagination after all.  Things that make you go hmmmm....

A couple notes from the surgery... I know my WLS is very busy and I've only met him once, but really made me a bit nervous when we walked in and asked ME what he was doing that day. Maybe it was a test to see if I was paying attention.  I don't know.  But when I read the notes in my file today and it said he had done the gastric sleeve when that's not what we did yet, it just gets in my crawl. 

On the great news side, he was able to prep me for the sleeve so my surgery in January should be easier. He'll use the same holes which will be nice.  I should have a new target date next week when I go to him for my post op appointment. To say I'm excited doesn't do it justice.

The only remaining thing to do to get ready is see the psychiatrist to get cleared.  Seriously?  I'm not sure why they need to do that again since I'm doing a revision, but whatever it takes I'll do.

So far my appetite hasn't returned and God willing, I'll be able to keep things under control and not gain any more between now and January surgery.  I'm so nervous about that.  This is such a mental trip all over.

Thank you for joining me on this journey

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  1. What an amazing journey, you have grown in life so much and I commend you as a sister in weight loss. Take control of your life and do not let it control you, be happy with who you are and LOVE YOURSELF first. Don't let anyone speak for you or make your decisions, you are beautiful inside and out. I love you and Kisses to Sam. Fat doesn't define you, you are beautiful