Monday, November 17, 2014

Phase 2 of this journey begins in 3...2...1...TODAY!!!

It’s been a long time since I blogged.  I just re-read my last blog from 2012 and I can say a lot of it is still the same, but so much of me has changed.  I’m picking up this blog venture again because today is the day I being a new chapter in my Journey to a new Me!  After 4 years and 130 lbs, my Bandzilla is being removed.  I am so nervous and scared.  What if I balloon up again? What if insurance says I’m too thin to do a revision in January like we think will happen?  I can’t go back to being that girl.  So I’m going to use my blog to stay accountable and focused.  I want to share my story in the event I can help others realize they are normal too J

Last I left off, I was going to talk about July 4th of 2012 and coming the realization that I had learned to listen to the red flags.  I dumped the guy (first time I did that in my life) that I had met at the Memorial Day dance and moved on to dating a guy I had known for years from work.  Long distance relationship at that.  OMG, the energy and excitement of finally dating someone who I secretly had a crush on and found out had one on me was just what I needed at that time in this journey.  I will be forever grateful for the time spent together, learning about me, learning that I should be spoiled once in a while.  I loved his family and was very sad when his mom passed away about a year after we broke up.  We still keep in touch and talk at work (yes, we were co-workers but in different offices).  The woman who snags him will be very lucky and very special.

Moving on to January of 2013.  That was the month I met Sam.  Sam and I started out as friends first but by March of that year knew this was going to be a permanent relationship.  Sam has taught me patience (most of the time) and most importantly he has taught me love doesn’t hurt.  Being in a healthy relationship is so different than anything either of us have ever known.  I’ll venture more into that over time.  For now I am so happy with my personal life.  Not always good when you’re trying to lose weight because you get complacent with your habits.  I have been complacent a lot lately.

I’m hurrying to write this because I have to finish packing my bag and taking a shower so we can head to the hospital.  I was so worried I would be starving this morning because I can’t eat anything before surgery and I’m not scheduled until 3:00.  I miss water and my coffee more than I do food this morning. 

So, join me followers as we begin Phase 2 of the journey to a new me. 

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